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What the iPhone 5C Means to Marketers

Apple announced today that it will start selling the iPhone 5C, a less costly version of the iPhone5, in over 100 countries to find new markets. The 5C has specs similar to the iPhone 5, including a 4-inch Retina display, an 8 megapixel back facing camera, and an A6 processor. The phone will be launched over 270 carriers globally as part of Apple’s plan to enter emerging markets – a market currently dominated by Android devices.
This push towards lower cost smartphones means two important things to marketers:
  1. Smartphones are quickly becoming a commodity.

    Competition in the mobile marketing space will only increase and companies that don’t adopt it will lose business to more mobile-savvy competitors.

  2. Start looking for the next platform.

    Smart companies such as Apple follow the Technology Adoption Cycle to maximize profits. So if they start dropping prices, you know the next big thing such as wearable devices is well on its way. Capitalize on it the way smart companies did with SEO and social media before everyone else caught on.

Read the official press release on Apple’s website.