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Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Released

Samsung’s Galaxy Gear is now here. The wrist-worn gadget has a 1.63-inch AMOLED screen, 800 MHz processor, and 512MB of RAM. The smartwatch allows users to make phone calls, snap photos, and issue S Voice commands to their connected Samsung smartphones. Additionally, the Galaxy Gear will have some 70 applications customized for the smartwatch when it launches on September 25.
The release of the Galaxy Gear is a radical leap in the mobile space. Consumers can now engage in digital activities that they weren’t able to do before (i.e. talking to a watch). Although it’s still too early to determine the adoptability of wearable devices such as the Galaxy Gear, it’s safe to say that the mobile market is shifting towards products that are more personal and attachable. Wearable devices will also enable companies to better target consumers with new mobile app ecosystems and communication platforms that integrate with consumers’ lives. We’re likely to see more technology and mobile businesses hop onto the wearable device bandwagon as these gadgets become the next generation of mobile devices.
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