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Samsung is Releasing another Smartwatch?

One week after the release of the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, Samsung is rumored to release the next generation of its wearable device early next year. The Korean technology company is reportedly working hard on the Galaxy Gear 2, which is expected to have a longer battery life, GPS integration and support for more Android devices. The Galaxy Gear smartwatch is currently only compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 smartphone.
Having these features will be important to win in the wearable device market. Despite its existing shortcomings, the Galaxy Gear will likely have greater consumer adoptability than Google Glass. First of all, the Galaxy Gear is less invasive than Google Glass. The placement of the wearable device is located on a user’s wrist and away from his or her face, making the user experience more natural when the consumer is fiddling with apps. (This is why Snapchat’s CEO said the picturing chatting application will only be available on the Galaxy Gear and not on Google Glass.) Second of all, the Galaxy Gear’s integration with other Android devices will allow it to access 79% of all mobile users worldwide. This will certainly contribute to the adoption of the Galaxy Gear as consumers are more likely to utilize a product that boosts their user experiences and increases convenience.