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How Much Content Marketing Is Too Much?

Although content marketing is an effective tactic for engaging with current and prospective clients, it is time-consuming and can take away marketers’ time from developing other marketing initiatives. Here are three occasions when content marketing is too much:


  1. When you completely neglect other digital channels

    Content marketing isn’t a silver bullet. It’s a digital tactic, just like many others, that allows you to connect with potential buyers. Additionally, it needs to be integrated with other digital marketing approaches such as split-testing, data analyzing, and social media marketing to optimize performance. For example, you can’t achieve maximum result unless you use A/B testing to determine which website layout gives you the most click-through or conversion rate. If content marketing drains your time and deters you from leveraging other digital tactics, you’re spending too much time on it. (If you want to power your content with a mission, read our article: How to Fuel Your Content Marketing with Purpose)
  2. When content marketing isn’t suitable

    Different audiences have different digital lifestyles. Younger consumers may prefer reading and sharing content via social media while the senior consumer group may like to read the latest news via traditional newspapers. If distributing web content isn’t the best approach to engage with the desired audience avoid it and use other communication vehicles instead. Other tactics include search advertising, bloggers outreach, or offline marketing tactics such as newspaper advertisements or cold-calling to connect with potential clients. 
  3. When the content becomes dull and dry

    Frequent content creation can be mentally draining for copywriters; it takes profound energy to create new topic ideas, develop content, and promote them through digital channels constantly. This can cause copywriters to end up developing dull, dry content as they run out of ideas. When this happens, you should step back and lessen the content creation; if you normally produce 5 articles and 2 videos a week, reduce it to 3 articles and 1 video a week. This will enable you to focus on developing quality content. Essentially, content marketing aims to enhance prospects’ interests in doing business with you through the demonstration of credibility and vivid personality. If you start producing repetitive, dull content, you will hurt your brand image and your chance of enticing prospective clients.
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