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How to Fuel Your Content Marketing with Purpose

Every time you share a piece of content online, you are creating an additional opportunity to connect with prospective clients. Your content lets you establish thought leadership and evoke the audience’s interest in your brand. Here are 3 easy ways to fuel your content marketing with purpose:


  1. Be advice-driven

    An important goal of content marketing is to help readers resolve their problems - whether it’s improving their health conditions or renovating their homes under a tight budget. Examples of advice-driven articles are “3 Ways to Boost Revenue without Increasing Marketing Expense” and “How These 3 Exercises Will Decrease Your Cholesterol Level.” These advice-oriented blogs, videos, or images help you attract readers who are likely to use your products or services (i.e. health products or gym membership) and convert them into paying customers. After all, only people who need your service are interested in consuming your content.
  2. Develop buyer personas 

    In order to give useful advice to audiences, you must find out what major problems they have, what common questions they have about your industry, who they report to at work, and how much budget control they have. These discoveries help you craft content that’s geared towards their needs and current situations. For example, by finding out that the audience’s largest concern is the continuous increase in marketing expense in the last five years, you can produce content to show how your CRM system has helped clients reduce marketing costs by 15% through waste elimination.
  3. Perform content surveys

    Content surveys are a cost-effective and efficient approach to gather feedback and find out what your audience thinks of your articles, videos, or images. Content surveys let you identify whether you have created an excessive amount of articles on a particular topic, posted content infrequently, or used a content format (i.e. textual content) too often. This information helps you modify your content strategy based on your readers’ needs. For example, you can create more visual than textual content after discovering that 80% of readers think you publish too many blog posts.
    You can perform content surveys by sending emails, showing pop-up windows, promoting on social media, or including call-to-actions at the bottom of each blog. 
    Quality content is essential to the success of various digital marketing programs. Therefore, your content must be filled with a purpose and focused on the needs of the audience. By using the three approaches above, you can produce content that offer useful advice and address readers’ concerns, and help make continuous improvements.
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