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YouTube's One Channel now available for all

Everyone's talking about Facebook's new News Feed this morning, but it's not the only social network to launch a redesign this week. YouTube's One Channel, previously available only to select users, has now been rolled out for everyone. The new design includes channel trailers for non-subscribed viewers, responsive design that allows new channel art to scale to any screen size, and increased customization for playlists and sections.



These changes allow brands to better integrate YouTube into their overall marketing plans. The channel art and welcome trailer enable companies to introduce themselves to viewers who have arrived on their channel for the first time, telling them a little bit about their brand in addition to the video the viewer is watching. Videos can also be tied in to mobile strategies better, since marketers now know that their content will display properly no matter what device it is accessed from. Switching to the new design is simple, and YouTube has provided some examples of updated channels so users can get a feel for how they look.

Visit YouTube's website for more details on the new layout.