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Why You Should Advertise on iOS Rather Than on Android

Facebook ads on iOS are astronomically more profitable than on Android devices, accord to Nanigans’ research. The study examined 200 billion Facebook ads and found Facebook ads on iOS to be 1,790% more lucrative than on Android-powered smartphones and tablets. Moreover, iOS-based Facebook ads receive better click-through rates. This as a result has allowed iOS-powered Facebook ads to attain 6.1 times greater revenue per click and 17.9 times greater return on investment than Android-based Facebook adverts, respectively.
Here’s how advertisers and brands can take advantage of this finding:
  1. Invest heavily on iOS-based Facebook ads

    With Facebook ads on iOS showing incredible results, it’s undoubted that companies, especially eCommerce merchants, should invest immensely on iOS mobile advertisements. With powerful iOS-based Facebook ads, companies can accelerate the buying cycle. By using optimized iOS-based Facebook ads, online merchants can quickly attract shoppers’ attention and arouse interest. This in turn will encourage the shopper to click on the ad to learn about the product. Once the shopper has gone through this process, he or she can easily decide whether he or she wants to purchase the product. Although this sales cycle occurs every time a consumer makes a purchase, the buying funnel can be accelerated with robust iOS-based Facebook ads. By using intriguing iOS-powered Facebook ads, online stores can take consumers conveniently to the product page, allowing them to effortlessly evaluate the product. This will enable consumers to speedily assess the product features to make a sound purchase.

  2. Explore other iOS apps.

    Showing ads on other iOS websites or apps can also generate substantial returns for brands. According to experts, the profitability of iOS ads could be due to the usability of Apple devices, not the apps. For instance, the reason why iOS-based Facebook ads produce greater returns than Android-powered ads could be because Apple devices create a more seamless user experience than Android devices. This subsequently could have contributed to the profound performance of iOS-based Facebook advertisements. With this in mind, brands can also try showcasing ads on other iOS apps to see they can produce even greater gains on their advertising dollars.

  3. Give Android ads another shot.

    While Android-based ads are currently underwhelming, they still potentially could generate immense returns for brands and advertisers. Right now, Android-powered devices take up nearly 80% of the global smartphone shipments. This is 5 times more than iOS smartphones. With this large user-base, brands can easily reach a broader range of audiences with Android ads. Moreover, although Android advertisements such as Facebook ads are currently producing subpar click-through rates and return on investment, brands can still utilize these ads for specific goals such as brand awareness. By using Android’s advertising platform, businesses can promote their brands on popular apps such as Skype and reach millions of consumers worldwide.

Mobile advertising remains a powerful marketing tool in today’s digitalized world. By using mobile iOS and Android advertisements, brands and eCommerce merchants can effortlessly target boundless global users. Moreover, they can customize the shopping experience that best fit today’s consumers’ mobile trend. This in turn can enhance the click-through-rate and more important, accelerate the buying cycle.