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Why You Must Use These 3 Twitter Metrics

When did you last analyze your Twitter account? How can you tell how well you are performing compared to your competition? Here are 3 metrics for measuring Twitter performance:

  1. % of qualified leads in your social media community

    The number of qualified followers in your social networks affects the impact of your Twitter programs; the more ideal followers in your Twitter community, the easier it is for you to generate positive results when promoting an upcoming sales event, new product launch, or Twitter-exclusive contest. You can identify the % of qualified followers within your Twitter community by segmenting them using tools such as SocialBro; segment users by gender, geography, time zone, or a combination of criteria. This lets you determine whether you’ve attracted qualified leads and if you need to proactively engage with other prospects over Twitter.
  2. Share of voice

    Share of voice is defined as the number of conversations about your brand versus competitors. Think of it as market share for Twitter conversations. For instance, if there are 20 conversations regarding companies within your market and five of them are about you, your share of voice is 25%. This metric helps you evaluate your online popularity. In addition, it helps you determine who is talking about your brand and what kind of comments are being made. For example, you can identify that although you have 60% share of voice, a majority of the mentions are negative and made by users outside your targeted geographic location. This shows you that you lack online presence within a desired market and need to interact with followers and foster conversations regarding your brand. To assess share of voice, use social media tools such as Social Mentions or Sprout Social to track tweets.  
  3. Number of click-through

    Twitter is often used as a free promotion tool for brands or marketers to drive web traffic. To determine whether Twitter is generating visits, use free web analytics tools such as Google Analytics to assess the amount of traffic coming from Twitter.
    To do this, access your analytics account, go to Acquisition, and click on All Referrals and you will be able to see your Twitter traffic. In addition to Google Analytics, you can use social media management services such as Buffer to track clicks. Whenever you share a URL to your website through the service, you will see the number of clicks each link yields. You should do this assessment weekly so that you can identify whether there’s an upward or downward trend; if there’s been a decline, find better times to tweet or create more captivating headlines. 
    The selection of suitable metrics is crucial in social media marketing. By choosing appropriate measurements for your Twitter programs, you can evaluate performances that truly matter to your businesses and unveil areas for improvement. By using the three metrics above, you can easily track the results of your Twitter initiatives. If you want help with social media marketing, please contact us and we will be glad to answer your questions.