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Why Responsive Web Design will matter to Retailers this Christmas Season

According to Nielson, 48% of consumers start their purchase journey with mobile paid and organic search results. This as a result makes your mobile website extremely important as the quality of your mobile landing page determines how your ad ranks and how much you pay per click. Moreover, it affects your organic search ranking. 
What’s more, your mobile website impacts your consumers’ purchase intentions. According to Google Think Insights, 67% of consumers state that a mobile-friendly site makes them more likely to buy and 74% say they're more likely to return to a mobile-friendly website in the future.
Companies such as ProFlowers, a U.S.-based fresh flower retailer, have seen significant revenue growth from their mobile-friendly website. ProFlowers for instance, witnessed an increase in mobile conversion rate by 20% to 30% after releasing its mobile-optimized site. (Read Why Your Website Isn’t Converting Sales to learn more about website conversion.)
Undoubtedly, a mobile-friendly website improves a company’s bottom line rapidly and profoundly. To develop a mobile-optimized website, you can use responsive web design. This approach allows you to enhance your mobile user-experience – an element that’s even more crucial during this time of the year where many consumers have begun their Christmas shopping.
Here are the 3 benefits of using responsive web design:
  1. Congruence between your mobile website and your desktop webpage

    By using responsive web design, you can ensure your mobile content is consistent with your desktop website. With responsive web design, whenever you update your product detail, add a new blog post, or remove an item off your product listing, both your desktop and mobile websites will be updated automatically. This eliminates wasted time on updating both types of sites. Moreover, it deters any inventory errors from happening. For instance, with responsive web design, when a customer buys the last product from your desktop or mobile site, both your PC and mobile websites will later indicate that the item is now out of stock. This subsequently deters shoppers from buying an item that’s not in inventory anymore. In addition, it prevents consumers from developing a negative view towards your brand due to an undesirable shopping experience - a problem you definitely want to avoid especially during the holiday season. (Also read: Why Your Business Needs to Use Responsive Web Design.)

  2. Consistency amongst different devices

    Regardless if your consumer is using iPhone 5c or Samsung Note 3, responsive web design will ensure your website’s layout will appear consistently on different devices. It’ll make sure that your mobile website is optimized for the user’s screen and is navigation-friendly. This will allow your visitors to have a seamless shopping experience and in turn buy more of your products and revisit your website in the future.

  3. Increased competitiveness

    More and more companies like ProFlowers are investing time and resources in developing a mobile-friendly website. This subsequently has influenced other businesses to create a mobile-optimized site of their own. Even global brands such as Nike and Apple that lead their industries are now using mobile-friendly sites to attract consumers. To remain competitive, you have to build a responsive website to ensure your consumers receive the user-experience they desire. After all, 72% of consumers today reportedly say that a mobile-friendly site is important to them.

Throw away your desktop website, mobile site is here to stay. By creating a mobile-friendly website, you can precisely assess and showcase your inventory level and provide seamless shopping experience. This allows you to encourage more shoppers to not only visit your mobile site but also make purchases – a Christmas wish that’ll surely come true with the help of responsive web design. 

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