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Why Marketers Love Twitter

With the plummet in Facebook’s user-base, advertisers are now seeking other digital alternatives for their advertising needs. Aside from relatively traditional digital advertising tactics such as Google AdWords, more and more brands are now shifting their focus to equip themselves with effective ad tools.
Although this micro-blogging platform is significantly smaller than Facebook, its advertising features and ability to reach target audiences are tremendously better. Particularly, its ability to show relevant remarketing ads to suitable consumers through its new tailored audience option makes it more useful than Facebook’s ad products. By using Twitter’s new tailored audience option, brands can perform the following advertising activities:
  • Target specific customers from their CRM: Advertisers can now tailor their ads to specific customers from their customer relationship management (CRM). For instance, if they’re a fashion retailer, they can target a specified set of customers from their CRM using email addresses and promote tweets to them.
  • Target specific customers based on Twitter ID/handle:  Advertisers can target Twitters who are potential clients according to their public information on Twitter such as bio, follower count, verified status, or past Tweets. 
  • Exclude specific customers: Brands can exclude specific customers from their ad campaigns. For instance, if they want to target users who are interested in fashion but aren’t currently in their CRM, they can set their ad campaign to promote tweets to individuals who are into fashion but aren’t their existing customers. 
  • Display customized remarketing ads to specific customers: Advertisers can showcase highly tailored remarketing ads to followers who have shown interest in their products or services previously. For example, a hotel can promote a customized retargeting ad to travelers who have visited their website before. The ad can offer special discounts to these travelers.
By utilizing these ad products above, marketers can deepen their connection with their target audience by finding highly potential customers and showcasing tailored ads. This unfortunately lessens the need for Facebook as advertisers can yield superior returns from their Twitter ad campaigns through their customized ads. This subsequently not only makes Facebook not cool to users anymore (as Obama said it this week) but also unpopular to Facebook’s most valuable stakeholders - advertisers.