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What Businesses Can Do Differently in Marketing in 2014

With just a week into 2014, many businesses are proactively and eagerly preparing and executing their marketing initiatives. Companies are coming out with new, fresh content, sharing fun, entertaining holiday photos, and attending social events to broaden their network. Here are 4 things businesses can do differently in 2014:
  1. Attempt mobile advertising

    Android is expected to reach 1 billion users by the end of 2014, according to Mashable. This figure demonstrates the prevalence of mobile users worldwide and the growing usage of smartphone and tablets. Emerging countries such as China and India in particular are boosting the adoption rate of mobile device as 75% of Android global mobile users will come from developing economies by 2017. To take advantage of this, businesses have to use mobile advertising. This will allow brands to reach vast amount of consumers globally, showcase advertisements to qualified prospects, and interact with consumers on the world’s most popular gadgets – mobile phones. 
  2. Take advantage of localization

    In addition to expanding your reach with mobile advertisements, you can use localized ads on location-based apps such as Foursquare to target local shoppers. By using these kinds of localized ads, businesses are able to showcase their offerings to consumers who are more likely to visit their stores. For instance, if you’re a local café, you can display ads to consumers who have “checked in” at a nearby bookstore or library. If you’re a restaurant, you can showcase localized ads to consumers who are shopping at a nearby mall. Regardless of where you display your ad, presenting localized ads allows you to enhance your chance of inducing  local shoppers to visit your business.
  3. Try different digital advertising platforms

    The digital space is an ever-changing environment. Social platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook have all come out their own advanced, targeted advertising tools last year. Companies can take advantage of this by testing the water with various platforms to see how the tools fit in their overall marketing strategy. For instance, for online apparel retailers, they can try Instagram ads as Instagram is a visually-driven platform that enables consumers to post pictures of their apparels online. Merchants can use this by finding consumers who share the same fashion taste and target them with rich, charming advertisements.
  4. Develop an enhanced mobile website

    With roughly 17.4% of the global web traffic coming from mobile, an enhanced mobile website has never been so important to a company. By developing an enhanced website through responsive web design, a business can optimize its mobile experience and ensure its mobile web content is up-to-date. Moreover, if you’re an eCommerce website, a responsive mobile website can help you update your inventory level in real-time which means that you won’t encounter issues where the inventory level shown on your mobile website is inconsistent with your desktop site. (I.e. while it says a product is out of stock on the web version, the mobile site says there’s still 3 items left). 2014 is certainly the year of mobile marketing and companies have to adopt this trend by ensuring their websites are responsive and user-friendly.
Undoubtedly, the digital landscape will continue to shift dramatically as technology companies such as Apple and Samsung will continue to release their wearable devices. In order to remain competitive, businesses have to enhance their digital marketing strategy by utilizing mobile advertising, use location-based advertising, try different digital platforms, and enhance their mobile website. These activities will enable you to target qualified consumers and deliver seamless user-experience. This in turn will help you bolster your digital presence and improve your sales in 2014. 
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