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Throw Away Your Newspaper Ads, Digital Marketing is Here to Stay

Digital marketing offers a variety of features that traditional media doesn’t have. For example, digital marketing enables companies to target highly qualified consumers with tools such as Promoted Tweets. This allows brands to deliver their messages seamlessly to a specific audience and garner a greater return from their marketing programs. Here’s why companies should use digital marketing than traditional advertising:

  1. You can target specific consumer groups

    With the advancement in advertising services such as Promoted Tweets, you can showcase ads to a more qualified audience. By using tools such as Promoted Tweets, you can search for consumers who are more likely to develop interests in your products or services. For example, if you’re a female fashion retailer, you can promote tweets to users who mention “fashion” or similar topics in their Twitter bios. You can also promote tweets to Twitter users whose friends follow a specific Twitter account. Using the same example, you can promote tweets to users whose friends follow Aritzia or Lululemon. This lets you target consumers who have ideal demographic and brand preferences. 
  2. You can customize your advertisements precisely

    Digital platforms let you customize advertisements more precisely. For instance, by using Twitter’s new targeting options, you can advertise sales promotions exclusively to current customers. This allows you to craft highly tailored content since existing customers more likely have higher purchase intention than prospective buyers. Moreover, you can customize remarketing advertisements to attract clients. For example, you can display remarketing ads to searchers who visited your hotel’s accommodations page on blog articles which discuss the benefits of travelling. 
  3. You can control your advertising expense

    Digital marketing lets you control your advertising expense. By using running pay-per-click AdWords campaigns, you can manage your advertising expense according to your budget. If you’re a larger corporation, you can spend $500 a day and if you’re a small local hotel, you can invest $50 per day. This advertising expense can also be lessened if it becomes financially distressful. This is advantageous compared to traditional media where brands had to invest large sums advertising dollars for a specific time period (i.e. 6 months or 12 months) to buy media space.
  4. You can update your ad copy accordingly

    Digital marketing enables you to change your headline, image, and body copy accordingly. If an advertisement only produces 2% click-through rate while the industry standard is 8%, you can change the headline from “How to Lose Weight Easily in 8 Weeks” to “For 35-Year-Old Mothers who Want to Lose Weight Easily” to improve performance. You can also adjust the call-to-action from “Call Us Today” to “Contact Us for Complimentary Consulting” to generate more clicks. These options is superior than traditional advertisements where you couldn’t make modifications once the ads are published.
    The advent of digital media has enabled brands to improve their marketing performance immensely. By using advanced advertising tools such as Promoted Tweets and AdWords, companies can reach potential buyers more easily and distribute highly customized content. This helps businesses develop better advertising campaigns and in turn, garner greater returns. 
    If you want to create effective digital marketing campaigns, please get in touch with us and we’ll see how we can help. Also, feel free to check out our Digital Marketing services to see the different services we offer.