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Samsung Mocks Apple -- Again

Samsung has released a series of ads to poke fun at Apple and the line of new products unveiled at Apple’s event on Tuesday, September 9.

One ad mocks Apple for being unoriginal and launching a phablet like every other phone company, another points out Apple’s failure to deliver a positive user experience by not including a stylus for its Apple mobile devices, while a third highlights slow charging.

By pointing out flaws of Apple products and attracting consumers to purchase Samsung’s tablets, phablets, or smartphones instead, Samsung is trying to use these ads to regain the 7.1% market share that they lost between Q2 2013 and Q2 2014.

There’s a history of mockery in advertising in the technology industry. Remember the Mac vs PC commercials where Apple mocks PC (Microsoft) for being dull and boring and positions itself as young and hip? 

This kind of ads helped companies identify inadequate features competing brands offer and demonstrate why their own products are superior in a humorous way. These ads have certainly worked in the favor of global brands like Apple – though they’re getting a taste of their own medicine now. 

Do you think mockery ads are effective? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments section below!