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Real-Time Bidded Advertising Continues to Blossom

Advertisers are expected to spend more on real-time bidded (RTB) advertising this year than initially predicated. It’s forecasted that real-time bidded spending will increase from $3.32 billion to $3.34 billion in 2013. This projected growth is mainly due to the increasing number of advertisers who want to use a more economical targeted-advertising model.
Real-time bidded advertising is quickly changing the whole targeted-advertising model. On the buying side, it is driving down costs by enabling advertisers to only pay for ads for a specific amount of time. On the publishing side, it is increasing costs by making publishers continuously produce more varieties of content so that they can target different groups of readers. Just like finance, digital marketing is becoming increasingly efficient – a boon for savvy marketers who want to improve their campaign performance.
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