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No! Don't Do these Things on Twitter!

With the prevalence of inbound marketing, more and more businesses are leveraging Twitter to drive qualified leads to their website. This approach has helped various companies tremendously as 57% of businesses have attracted a customer through their company blog. That said, while Twitter is an effective digital tool, it can backfire if it isn’t used properly. If you don’t have online etiquette or digital literacy, you can spark negative conversations, damage brand reputation, and decrease overall sales. To avoid such catastrophe, here are 10 things you shouldn’t do on Twitter:
  1. Don’t forget who your audience is

    Before you start investing time and resources creating web content and managing your Twitter account, you should identify who your audience is. Are your readers mostly college students who are interested in the latest social media news or marketers who want hands-on digital marketing tips? Only by defining who your target market is will you be able to tweet content that appeals to your audience and helps you grow your audience.
  2. Don’t forget to develop a unique voice

    Just like in writing, developing a voice is vital in separating yourself from rest of the crowd. It allows you to showcase your brand’s sophistication level or sociability, depending on your marketing strategy. Moreover, this approach enables you to connect with qualified prospects as a unique voice allows you to target consumers who are more likely to be interested in our offering.  
  3. Don’t forget to manage it daily

    Creating and leaving a Twitter account high and dry is a fantastic way to devalue your brand. It shows that you have a dearth of diligence to update your Twitter page, lack the responsibility to respond your customer feedbacks, and have a shortage of man-power or financial resources to manage your account properly. Undoubtedly, these are outcomes you must avoid. Generally speaking, a company should tweet 1 to 4 times a day to ensure its Twitter account is fresh with new content.
  4. Don’t over-tweet

    While you want your Twitter page frequently updated, you want to avoid over-tweeting. This is brilliant way to lose followers as we’ve experienced it first-hand. In the case of over-tweeting, don’t be like Nike - don’t do it.
  5. Don’t forget to tweet older content

    If your older content is still relevant today, you should still tweet it. After all, the whole idea of using Twitter to drive sales is to provide useful content to your prospects so that they’ll develop interest in your offerings one day.
  6. Don’t forget to say thanks

    From time to time, your patrons will retweet your articles to their peers. This creates a perfect opportunity to thank them and nurture a positive relationship. It enables you to connect with them on a personal level and cut through the noise from their Twitter streams going forward.
  7. Don’t forget to schedule tweets

    People access their Twitter accounts at different times. Some look at their feeds during working hours while others may glimpse through it at night. Hence, it’s important to schedule your tweets to fit their schedule. You can use tools such as HootSuite, Buffer, or even Sprout Social to publish tweets during times when your audience will likely see them. This is especially useful if your fans access their accounts after working hours when you’re away from your office.
  8. Don’t neglect negative comments

    Ignoring or deleting negative comments will not resolve an issue. What’s worse, it’ll add fuel to the fire. As a marketer, your goal is to maintain a positive brand image so that you can boost your sales. Undoubtedl y, neglecting comments is not a wise way to do so. Instead, you should utilize negative comments to your advantage. You should use negative comments as constructive feedbacks to improve your offering or understand how consumers perceive your brand. This will allow you to identify your blind spots and bolster your competitiveness.
  9. Don’t forget to tweet to others

    Fostering a rapport starts with you. You should be the first one to engage with your audience by commenting their tweets or images. This will allow you to humanize your brand, show that you care about your readers, and ultimately develop a positive relationship with them. Moreover, it’ll enable you to further slice through the noise and rivet your readers’ attention in the future.
  10. Don’t forget to promote your other social networks

    Twitter most likely isn’t your only social network. You most likely have other social pages such Facebook and Google+ that you want to promote. To promote them, you can show your other social networks on your Twitter profile section. In addition, you can link back to your Facebook or other social pages in your tweets. This will help you grow your social communities tremendously and possibly create a ripple effect. By gaining more social fans, you’ll be able to further attract consumers who fit your targeted demographics as your fans’ peers will likely to be influenced by their friends to join your digital community.
Throw away your traditional ads, Twitter is here to say. By using the 10 tips above, you can avoid fall into various traps in the Twittersphere and effectively connect with your current and potential clients. This will allow you to grow your digital community profoundly and help enhance your online exposure, reputation, and engagement.