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New Mobile Privacy Tools Let Users Block Ads

Two companies are offering ways to opt-out of ads on your mobile device. Advertising Age reports that these tools from Evidon and Truste will enable you to disallow behaviorally targeted ads on your tablet or smartphone. These apps reflect a growing desire for user privacy on mobile devices, but present a challenge for the ad industry which wants to target audiences with the most relevant possible ads.

Even more than desktop users, mobile users don't want their online activities interrupted by ads. They are on-the-go and have limited screen space, so it's important for companies to develop integrated marketing content that enhances the user experience instead of distracting from it. Brands should focus on building their mobile search standings so that mobile users find their business when they need it, and they should produce interactive mobile content such as apps, blogs, and social media profiles that spur users to seek them out and allow mobile customers to engage with the company on their terms. This way, they won't have to rely on annoying customers with ads to try and get their attention.

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