Mobile Marketing to Continue Exceptional Growth Through 2015

The Mobile Marketing Association has released the results of their six-month Mobile Marketing Economic Impact Study. The report found that US marketers currently spend $6.7 billion on mobile marketing, and projects that number to reach $20 billion by 2015. The researchers also note that the reach of mobile is expanding as devices improve and adoption rates soar, and found a Marketing Impact Ratio of $20.77 per dollar spent in 2012. They expect that number to level off but remain above $20 throughout the next several years.

This report reflects the fact that mobile has become a critical communications channel for all businesses, regardless of industry. As devices become more powerful and network speeds improve, mobile is becoming a primary if not the primary screen that consumers use to interact, find information, and consume media over the internet. Marketers need a mobile strategy that includes responsive design techniques, mobile SEO, mobile-friendly content, and social media engagement to catch and keep the attention of these on-the-go consumers, and must integrate their mobile efforts with their overall marketing strategy.

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