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Mobile commerce to reach $31 billion by 2017

Mobile sales will rise from $8 billion in the US last year to $31 billion by 2017, making up 9% of total retail sales according to research by Forrester that was reported by Mashable. Forrester blames the current low rate of mobile sales on retailers, who have made it difficult to purchase on smartphones, and says it is worth investing in a mobile sales strategy. Mashable recommends using a fast checkout option like PayPal Express, incorporating responsive design into your website, and creating a great tablet experience.

With smartphone and tablet use continuing to increase, we at Smartt agree it is essential to consider mobile in your website and ecommerce strategies. In addition to the recommendations made by Mashable, it's also important to use a clear, simple layout that loads quickly, minimize the number of clicks and pages users must go through, and reduce the amount of text on your site to make it fast and easy for on-the-go mobile consumers. Your customers increasingly expect your website to work on any device. Your strategy should be to make that happen.

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