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Is the Mobile App Market Shifting from the U.S.?

The U.S. is slipping in the global app market by losing 9% market share in the last two years. This decline is a result of two issues. The first issue is that U.S. developers did not push enough foreign mobile users to use U.S. made apps. This has caused U.S. to lose popularity in the world’s largest consumer market: China. The second issue is that U.S. developers did not encourage enough Americans to use apps domestically made. This has allowed foreign app developers such as Finland’s Rovio (Angry Birds) to penetrate the U.S. market and flourish in the global app industry.
Foreign apps will likely continue to blossom in the global app space. With smartphone users growing at a fast pace, more and more technology fans overseas will have the opportunity to interact with mobile applications relevant to their culture or location. Additionally, more smartphone users abroad will have the financial resources to develop apps, as the cost of app development has dropped significantly thanks to Google and Apple. This will enable any bright mind to come up with new, astonishing mobile applications – anywhere in the world.
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