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To Marketers Who Want to Transition from Traditional to Digital Marketing

Amidst the digital age, many marketers are still utilizing traditional marketing tactics such as newspaper ads to advertise their brand. While these approaches can still reach your desired audience, they’re relatively ineffective compared to digital media. By using digital tactics such as local-based advertising, display advertising, and content marketing, you can reach your desired market much more rapidly and cost-effectively and at a broader scale. Here are 3 tips on how traditional marketers can enter the digital field:
  1. Become up-to-date with the latest technology updates and understand their impact

    With social platforms such as Instagram and messaging services like Line coming out with their own advertising products, the digital marketing landscape is constantly changing. In order to become a prolific digital marketer, you have to remain up-to-date with the most recent technological changes and understand how they’ll impact you. For instance, by gaining knowledge on the latest technology launches such as Instagram’s new display ads and Instagram Direct, you can better your understanding on the various digital advertising tools that can help you target your consumers. You can for instance learn about how Instagram’s new advertising features can help you showcase rich, illustrative images of your products to young consumers and induce immense word-of-mouth. This will help you enhance your digital arsenal and improve your marketing capabilities. 
  2. Become proficient with Google Analytics and AdWords

    Services such as Google Analytics and Google AdWords are the core of digital marketing today. They are used to evaluate marketing performance, identify weaknesses you need to strengthen, and create campaigns to target qualified prospects. Without knowing how to use these tools effectively, you’ll lag far behind in the digital space and become unable to perform an array of marketing tasks. In order to become a Google ‘expert,’ you should read Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics and Advanced Google AdWords. These two books will give you insights on the different features that Google Analytics and Google AdWords offer such as In-Page Analytics and Automatic Bidding Strategy. This can help you equip yourself with all the necessary skills and knowledge you need in order toyou create, deliver, and measure your digital marketing initiatives.
  3. Become a stronger copywriter

    Though we’re in the digital age, various traditional advertising techniques are still relevant and invaluable. Copywriting in particularly, is crucially vital in today’s marketing world. Whether it’s writing a 140-character tweet, formulating an AdWords ad copy, or posting a Facebook status, robust copywriting skills are invaluable in the digital landscape. By bolstering your copywriting skills, you can attain higher Twitter click-through rate, gain more Facebook engagements, and attract more qualified prospects through AdWords advertising. To enhance your copywriting writing abilities, you have to continuously read copywriting books from renowned advertisers such as David Ogilvy and John Hegarty. This will help you learn effective advertising techniques that have been proven to make sales. 
By using the 3 tips above, you can strengthen your digital arsenal by gaining a wealth of knowledge on the latest technology products, becoming a fruitful Google user, and becoming a prolific copywriter. This will help you have a greater understanding of the different digital tools that can help you with your advertising campaigns. It’ll help you create advertisements that attract your audience and induce them to buy, which is the ultimate goal of marketing.