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To Marketers Who Want to Improve their Social Media Marketing – But Can’t Get Started

Are you looking for new ways to increase your digital marketing knowledge? Are you searching for new ways to increase your company’s online conversion rate or social audience size? Here are four social media marketing tactics that deliver high value (related article: 4 Simple Social Media Marketing Tips for Dental Clinics):

  1. Make Twitter management a daily activity

    Twitter delivers superior sales performance compared to Facebook and LinkedIn. According to eConsultancy, Twitter’s conversion rate (2.17%) is nearly 3 times higher than Facebook (0.74%) and LinkedIn (0.80%). 
    To leverage Twitter, you should spend 30 to 60 minutes each day to follow and interact with prospects, with the goal of having them follow you back.  Assuming that Twitter’s conversion rate remains consistent, a larger Twitter audience gives you a better pool of prospects for your sales efforts. 
    To discover suitable Twitter users, use social media tools such as SocialBro or Followerwonk. These tools let you find specific followers based on their geographic location, gender, or number of followers. Once you have identified these ideal Twitter users, you can start following and interacting.
    That said, while it is important to grow the size of your Twitter following, it is also crucial to maintain a healthy following-to-followers ratio (i.e. 1:3) because it says a lot about your brand. If you have a poor following-to-followers ratio (i.e. 4:1), it can suggest that you are not a credible, useful source and that’s why people aren’t following you back. It can also imply that you desperately need new followers and are following as many people as possible in the hopes that they would follow you back. Neither case is desirable.
    Although there aren’t published stats on the ‘Golden Twitter Following Ratio,’ we believe 1:3 is a healthy ratio because it showcases you are an establish brand and share useful information which is why people are following you.
  2. Take advantage of LinkedIn publishing

    As a general rule, LinkedIn only allows influencers such as Virgin founder Richard Branson, U.S. President Barack Obama, and Microsoft founder Bill Gates to blog directly on its social network. However, this will all change soon.


    (Photography by: Mashable)

    According to, LinkedIn will let its 277 million users publish posts on the professional social network. LinkedIn will also curate posts by recommending relevant content to users. LinkedIn is currently doing a controlled release and if you want early access to the new blogging feature, fill in this form.
    While waiting for LinkedIn to open up their blogging platform, you can start brainstorming ideas, developing a content calendar, and creating drafts so that once LinkedIn releases the new feature, you will have an array of articles to share. This will help you reach large groups of professionals and gain major brand exposure.

  3. Add more visual interest to your interactions

    It is proven that visuals generate more tractions and CTR than plain text. You can take advantage of this by installing the following social media plug-ins and add-ons.

    • Google Authorship lets you link your articles to your Google+ page so that your Google+ profile picture will appear on search results. This will improve your CTR by as much as 35% because people are more attracted to visuals than plain text.
    • Twitter Cards showcases your article’s title, description, and thumbnail in your tweets. Again, this will help increase your CTR because people are more attracted to visuals.

    (Photography by: Twitter Cards)

    There are seven types of Twitter Cards: Summary Card, Summary Card with Large Image, Photo Card, Gallery Card, App Card, Player Card, and Product Card. Each card offers different features. For example, the App Card showcases app name, icon, and description while the Gallery Card displays an album or a collection of photographs via a preview of the photo gallery. 

  4. Take advantage of behavioral targeting

    Behavioral targeting is a technique used by publishers to study web visitors’ digital footprints and preferences so that they can display targeted ads. This approach helps publishers improve advertising engagement and revenue because audiences are more likely to click-through the targeted ads.


    (Photography by: Outbrain)

    Brands can also use behavioral targeting to improve engagement and sales by using Outbrain. Outbrain is a content discovery platform which helps businesses study their consumers’ online activities and recommend relevant articles, blog posts, or photos that companies can publish to their audiences. This helps businesses improve online engagement because with more targeted content, their audiences will be more likely to stay on their websites, consume their contents, and learn about their brands.
    Currently, over 100,000 websites, including global publishers such as CNN and Fast Company, use Outbrain. If your company uses content marketing to attract and acquire customers, Outbrain would be an ideal tool for you.

By using four recommendations above, you can increase your search ads’ click-through rates, customer acquisitions through Twitter, and customer engagement. If you have further questions about digital marketing, please contact us directly or attend our Digital Marketing Training Workshop and learn about the latest, best digital marketing practices.