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Marketers plan to increase digital budgets this year

Almost three quarters of marketing firms are planning to increase their digital budgets this year, with the biggest increases going to content marketing, according to survey by Econsultancy and Responsys that was reported by Clickz. However, only 50 percent of those surveyed reported they have a good or very good understanding of return on investment (ROI) metrics for digital channels.

This survey reflects the reality that digital channels are now an essential element of any marketing campaign. Customers today expect to be able to find products and companies online, and marketers are adapting their strategies to account for new technologies and shopping habits. Gone are the days of static, one-way advertising messages; consumers want to interact on companies' websites and over social media, building relationships with brands that extend beyond a single purchase. Meanwhile, companies expect to see returns from their increased spending and involvement online, so marketers will need to upgrade their skills, measure their efforts, and prove their results.

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