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Marketers Not Optimizing Their Digital Efforts

53% of companies spend less than 5% of their marketing budgets on optimization and 86% spend less than 15%, according to the Adobe 2013 Digital Marketing Optimization Survey. Econsultancy reports the study received over 1,800 responses from digital marketers around the world and found that, while few marketers are focused on optimization, those who are reap the benefits. Marketers who invest more than 25% in optimization activities are more than twice as likely to see high conversion rates, which can translate into millions of dollars in extra revenue.

Considering the value of even a small increase in conversions, it's surprising that companies spend so much on marketing activities but don't test or refine their results. It's essential for brands to monitor the performance of their marketing activities and track results to determine what works and what doesn't, then make improvements accordingly. Problems can be solved using conversion testing to find the optimal website and marketing copy, layouts, images, and offers to increase return on marketing projects. Adobe's survey has illustrated this, and the vast majority of marketers would do well to consider the results.

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