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Klout for Business opens the door to new influencer insights

Klout announced today that it is making its social scoring data available to businesses, who already use the company's influence-tracking scores to find key players in their target markets. Klout for Business is an analytics dashboard which will help brands identify influencers who might amplify their marketing messages. The tool currently gives companies access to information about the Klout of their followers and what they are talking about, and new features should be rolling out soon.

This new dashboard is a boon to social advertisers and will help them discover and reach out to influencers in their target markets. Knowing where influencers are and what they are talking about will help brands fine-tune their content and outreach strategies, allowing them to craft campaigns that take their influencers' preferences into account. Engaging with influencers still requires certain relationship management skills, but if done well, Klout's new tools will enable marketers to more easily expand the reach of their social marketing efforts.

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