Infographic Cheat Sheet: Words Decision Makers Love to Hear

Infographic Cheat Sheet: Words Decision Makers Love to Hear

B2B companies know that even if their products or services deliver exception value, they will not get in the door with corporate buyers unless they can articulate value in language that appeals to decision-makers. We are often asked by B2B companies and business professionals how to articulate the value propositions presented in their marketing collaterals. All too often, we find companies fail to zero in on benefits in a way that’s relevant to the customer's desiered outcomes, using language the executive decision-maker wants to see. 

Here’s a cheat sheet of benefits that you can use when planning your marketing campaigns. Based on successful B2B campaigns and product positioning workshops Smartt has conducted for our clients, these highlight tangible, measurable results. Which of these benefits apply to your offerings? 

Click or right-click on the infographic to download a full size image.

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