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Hurry! Split-Test These 5 Pages!

Although running split-tests can help you increase your conversion rates, they can be time-consuming and difficult to perform frequently. To save time, you can focus primilary on the following five pages:
  1. Sales Funnel

    The sales funnel is the most important page for eCommerce websites. It’s the final stage that transforms a prospect into a customer. Split-testing helps you acquire more customers since a slight change can improve the conversion rate significantly. You can perform split-testing by testing whether displaying three pieces of information generates more sales than five pieces of information. You can also test other attributes such as the font size, product image, and call-to-actions (CTA) like “Checkout Here” to determine which variation acquires the maximum conversion rate. 
  2. Most expensive PPC landing pages

    Test the most expensive PPC landing pages because they’re costing you the most money. Similar to the sales funnel, you should test call-to-actions, page layout, headline, and product image; you can experiment whether showing the call-to-action “contact us for free consultation” in the color red gets more purchases than blue. 
  3. Pages with most organic visits

    Visitors who search and land on your website are generally looking for specific products or services. For example, individuals who search for car mechanics most likely need help with maintaining or fixing their cars. To leverage this opportunity, split-test pages and prompt visitors to take specifics actions. A car mechanic can test call-to-actions such as “call us to today to get your car fixed” versus “call us now” to see which CTA get the most phone calls; they can also test whether “check out our maintenance services package” or “see our maintain services page below” get more click-through. 
  4. Highest value conversion pages

    Birds of the same feather often flock together. It is often easier to optimize a page that is already doing well so that it does even better than to fix one that is performing miserably. To split-test these pages, you can use the same techniques mentioned above.
  5. Highest bounce rate pages

    Identify pages where the bounce rate is a legitimate problem and test for ways to lower it. To test these pages, first develop hypothesis regarding the causes for the high bounce rate and. For example, develop hypothesis which suggest that the high bounce rate is because the font size is too small, color is too orange, and product image is too plain and unattractive. Once you’ve identify the potential causes for the high bounce rate, split-test them and see if there’s an improvement.
    Split-testing is a major component in digital marketing. It helps you optimize performance when generating traffic through search advertising, social media, or content marketing. If you want help with split-testing to optimize your website, please contact us today and we’ll be glad to help.