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How Twitter Will Benefit Advertisers with its New Conversion Tool for Promoted Tweets

Twitter today released a new conversion tool to help advertisers better track their conversions and engagements on Promoted Tweets. This is the micro-blogging platform’s latest addition to its analytics package. With this launch, advertisers will now be able to track conversions more accurately by adding a “purchase” conversion tag onto their confirmation page. When an advertiser converts sales through Promoted Tweets, they can identify the different elements that attributed to the conversion, the number of times the tweet has been seen, and other platform-specific engagement metrics that influenced the sale. 
This feature will come particularly handy in 2014 where more brands will utilize mobile marketing to drive traffic and sales. According to Mashable, mobile accounted for 17% of total online sales for this year’s Cyber Monday and has grown 55% year-over-year. This trend will likely carry into 2014 as global smartphone and tablet shipment is expected to rise next year. EMarketer is also anticipating the same as it’s predicting that mobile commerce will grow by 36% in 2014 compared to 2013.
By using Twitter’s new conversion tool, advertisers can bolster their mobile initiatives by ensuring their metrics and tools are in place so that they can continuously measure their performance. This will allow them to identify their audience’s mobile behaviors, measure their ads’ impact, and assess other elements that can affect their mobile initiatives
Though Twitter’s advertising products have yet to take off, it’s undoubted that the micro-blogging company is making its way to becoming one of the best digital advertising tools available. By launching a new conversion tool, Twitter continues to serve its advertisers with prolific, robust analytics tools that can help them track their performance more precisely. This in turn can induce more companies to attempt Twitter as a powerful marketing platform and include it as an integral aspect of their marketing mix.