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How Marketers Can Leverage Twitter's Growing Popularity

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BBC Global News is now partnering with Twitter Amplify, a video promotion tool. This partnership will allow BBC Global News to showcase short-form videos called “#BBCTrending” on Twitter streams. The videos will provide BBC’s 4.8 million Twitter followers with inside stories on trending news on social media that day. Additionally, these videos can be pushed even more through ad products such as Promoted Tweets to increase readership. This partnership is Twitter Amplify’s first alliance with a media company that’s dedicated to create original content for Twitter’s advertising platform.
Here’s how brands can leverage the growing popularity of Twitter’s advertising platform:
  1. Start promoting your products or services through the 140-character social network. Currently, Twitter has roughly 200 million users worldwide. This means that by merely sharing one tweet, you can promote your products or services to millions of qualified consumers across the globe. Moreover, with Twitter continuously enhancing its targeted-advertising tools, you’ll be able to target specific prospects. Here’s what you can do with Twitter’s current targeted-advertising features.
    • Allocate qualified-prospects. With Twitter’s enhanced advertising functions, you can target consumers who are similar to particular Twitter users. For instance, if you’re a consumer electronics retail store, you can target people who are similar to those who follow @BestBuy, @Microsoft, or business tycoons such as Tim Cook @tim_cook. This enables you to allocate consumers who are more likely to become interested in your products or services.
    • Target various groups of consumers using “categories”. You now can select from 350 different categories and promote your brand to particular consumer market. You can choose from categories such as golf, cars, and birdwatching. By using this approach, you’ll be able to target qualified prospects that fit your sales funnel to generate maximum engagements and marketing performance.
    • Promote your brand on mobile devices. Twitter now allows you to promote your products or services on smartphones and tablets through Promoted Tweets. With Promoted Tweets, you can advertise your brand on iOS and/or Android to target users remotely or drive them to your mobile application store. For instance, if you’re a Vancouver-based apparel retail store, you can use Promoted Tweets to advertise your sales event on a Saturday noon or afternoon to encourage consumers to shop at your store later that day. Moreover, if you’re an electronics store and you have an iOS app for your business, you can use Promoted Tweets to create incentives for visiting your mobile app store.
  2. Reduce your AdWords campaign costs. It’s time to give Twitter a try and slowly move away from your beloved AdWords account. While AdWords has been a powerful digital advertising tool in the last few years, Twitter may be a better way for brands to connect with consumers today. By using the three advertising approaches above, you’ll be able to seamlessly promote your product or service to targeted consumers in a social environment. This allows you to seem push your products or services in a more natural and irresistible manner. Moreover, Twitter is the perfect for you to reach consumers abroad. According to Mashable, Twitter’s International user-base has grown 745% since 2010 to reach 169 million users. This is nearly double the growth rate of American followers (390%). Hence, by using Twitter as a compelling advertising tool, you’ll be able to effectively hop on today’s digital trend and target consumers worldwide.
Twitter is the future of advertising. By using Twitter, you can effectively interact with prospects across the globe. Moreover, you’ll be able to deliver customized mobile messages to consumers while they’re at located in social environments such as a café. This will subsequently make you more appealing to your target audience as you’re gently advertising products or services that resonate with your customers’ needs.