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How to ImproveYour Social Media Marketing with SocialBro

There's always a lot of talk on social analytics and social media metrics. Perhaps another important topic for marketers should be social media monitoring - which when performed properly can lead to better results. By assessing their fans or followers’ online activities, marketers can determine the best time to share tweets and reach influential people who can help them enhance their brand exposure. To help marketers better examine their followers’ digital activities, we’ve conducted a product review on SocialBro, a social media management tool dedicated to help marketers manage their Twitter communities. Here are our positive findings:


  1. The ‘best time to tweet’ feature is a digital marketer’s best friend

    The ‘best time to tweet’ feature, which is shown under the ‘tools’ section on the top of the screen, enables you to see when your followers are online each day of the week. For instance, you can see that on Monday at 1pm 34% of your followers are online and Tuesday at 9am that 26% of your followers are online. This can help you schedule your tweets at optimal times where you’ll more likely reach your audience, generate inbound traffic, and gain replies and retweets. You can look at these stats in a line chart format where you can visually see the fluctuation in your followers’ online activeness.
  2. The ‘time zones’ chart can improve your Twitter engagement

    By accessing the ‘time zones’ chart, which is located in the Community Insights section, you can further optimize your Twitter exposure and interaction. By using the ‘time zones’ feature, you can determine where your followers are located, whether they’re in the Pacific Time or Central Time zone. This enables you to schedule your tweets at times where your followers are likely to see them. For instance, if a vast majority of your followers are in the Eastern Time zone and you’re based in Vancouver, you may want to schedule your tweets earlier in the morning as Eastern Time is 3 hours ahead of us. If you want to promote your tweets to business professionals who commute via train in the morning, you should schedule your tweets for 4am or 5am as it’ll 7am and 8am there. 
  3. The ‘countries’ feature allows you to target your audience more effectively and accurately

    The ‘countries’ chart allows you to determine where your followers are located geographically which can help you create content that’s relevant to them. For instance, if you discover that a large portion of your followers are living in the States, you should produce content that’s more geared to the latest events and news occurring in the U.S. This will help you improve your Twitter engagement. Aside from knowing where a majority of your followers are located, you can actually identify which followers live in which country. For example, you can find Canadian followers by clicking on ‘Canada. This will allow you to find influence in a specific nation so that you can enhance your exposure in that country. For example, if you want to penetrate the Canadian market, you can use the ‘countries’ feature to find influential Canadian Twitter users and partner with them.
  4. The ‘not following you back’ panel enables you to determine who you’re following but aren’t following you back

    As suggested by the name, the ‘not following you back’ panel allows you to identify Twitter users who you’re following but aren’t following you back. This enables you to determine if you want to continue to follow these individuals or unfollow them as well. After all, you don’t want to follow a myriad of Twitter users whom don’t follow you back as it may harm your brand image. This feature also allows you to find spammers who follow and unfollow people as soon as they follow them back.
  5. The ‘demographic filters’ enable you to segment your followers precisely

    In addition to just seeing where your followers are located geographically, you can segment your followers more accurately by using multiple filters such as time zones, languages, country, and gender. This allows you to target followers who fit your consumer market. For instance, you can find female followers who speak English and live in France to help you create awareness on your upcoming product that you plan to roll out in France. You can also use these filters to see if you’re lacking Twitter presence in a specific location. For instance, you can use the filters to determine the amount of female Spanish followers who live in Canada that follow you. This will allow you to see if you have a dearth of patronage from this consumer group and bolster it if they’re your target audience.


SocialBro is undoubtedly a must-have tool for digital marketers. By using this service, marketers can gain greater insights on their followers and analyze their digital marketing results more precisely. This will help marketers make continuous improvement in the future and adapt rapidly to the ever-changing Twittersphere. 
If you want help with your social media marketing, please contact us and we’ll be glad to see how we can serve your needs. Smartt also offers social media and digital marketing audits as part of our digital marketing services.