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How to Find the Best Time to Tweet

Finding optimal times to engage with their Twitter followers is a major task for many digital marketers. Here are 3 ways that marketers can use to find the perfect time to publish tweets:
  1. Trial and error with Google Analytics

    As Twitter slowly replaces traditional mediums and becomes a prolific advertising tool, marketers are using it to broadcast events, sales, and of course, content. To determine the effectiveness of their Twitter marketing initiatives, many marketers use Google Analytics to identify the amount of inbound traffic generated by Twitter. This approach can also be used to ascertain the best time to tweet. By using Google Analytics, you can identify when your followers click through the most. All you have to apply source as the primary filter and time duration as the secondary filter and you can see when you drive the most traffic through Twitter. This can help you determine when they should publish your future tweets.
  2. Twitter engagement assessment

    In addition to analyzing your inbound traffic through Google Analytics, you can conduct a social media audit to determine when you obtain the most engagement. Retweets in particular is an excellent measurement in the audit as it enables you to see when your followers are most likely to share your content to their peers. To perform a social media audit, you can simply go through all of your tweets and see when your tweets get the most responses, favorites, and retweets. 
  3. Use social media services

    Social media services such as SocialBro, Sprout Social, Tweriod are superb tools to determine the optimal time for tweet-sharing. Without having to access your Google Analytics account or performing a social media audit, you can generate a report on when you receive the most Twitter interactions using the three platforms above. The reports showcase your followers’ engagements on each day of the week as well as each hour of the day. This allows you to make a sound decision when you schedule your tweets in the future.
  4. Use

    The continuous improvement of has made it one of the handiest tools for digital marketers. In addition to shortening your links with, you now can determine when your followers click your shared links using this tool. All you have to do is create a account with your email or Twitter account and you can gain real-time stats on the geographic location of your visitors and the hourly visits of your links. Moreover, you can see a breakdown of your visits on a column chart. This enables you to visually see the fluctuations of your visits and determine the optimal time of your tweets.
By using the 4 approaches above, you can better schedule your tweets to maximize interactions, clicks, and exposure. This will help you enhance your followers’ engagement with your brand, increase your ability of connecting with prospects, and optimize your content marketing results. Moreover, it’ll allow you to bolster your digital presence by spending more time on high value social media activites

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