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How Construction Companies Can Use Digital Marketing to Sell Their Services

Although digital platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are usually used by consumer brands to target customers, these channels can also be extremely useful for B2B businesses. Construction companies in particular can leverage digital media effectively to attract qualified prospects. Here are 3 ways constructions companies can use digital marketing to target prospective leads:
  1. Enhance brand reputation cost-effectively with web content

    Aside from using word-of-mouth, construction companies can utilize web creation to attract potential clients. By creating whitepapers, webinars, or blog articles, construction companies can enhance their chances of exposing their brand to prospective leads through social sharing and search marketing. Whitepapers and blog articles are particularly effective in targeting potential clients because the content is geared towards a very specific audience group. As a result, if a person is willing to read an online article or a detailed 4-page whitepaper, it’s likely that individual has some interest in the company. Although this doesn’t guarantee that that person will do business with the construction company, it’s at least more likely that that person has interest in the services. Moreover, by producing content, a construction company can showcase expertise and build up their credibility. Through the creation of whitepaper or other forms of content, a construction company can demonstrate their profound knowledge and experience in this field. This can boost their trustworthiness which is crucial in this industry as all the services performed are high-involvement products. 
  2. Improve brand image through enhanced website design and usability

    Similar to a whitepaper or blog article, a website can be used to strengthen a company’s brand image and reputation. After all, a website is often the first point of contact for a prospect to learn about a company. It’s where a prospective client formulates his first impression on a company, find services the company offers, and find essentially everything they need to know about a company before they move further into the sales funnel. Therefore, by improving their website through responsive web design and enhanced website architecture, a construction company can deliver a seamless user-experience to their potential clients. This will help them heighten their chance of inducing their prospective leads to formulate a positive view towards and learning more about their company.
  3. Target local consumers with AdWords

    By using AdWords campaigns, a construction company can specifically target local prospects. A construction company can set their ads to appear only when local Vancouver residents search for certain keywords such as “Vancouver construction companies,” “commercial, industrial, multi-unit residential, recreational and retail construction projects,” or “general contractor and construction manager.” This enables construction businesses to target only locals who specifically look for builders and garner a more positive return from their advertisements. 
Digital marketing is the future of business regardless of the field. B2B businesses including construction companies have to utilize digital marketing to gain more visibility, find highly qualified customers, and promote their brand cost-effectively through their website.
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