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How Advertisers Can Take Advantage Of Instagram On Windows Phone

Instagram rainbow banner
Instagram is officially coming to Windows Phone. Instagram co-founder and CEO Kevin Systrom says he’s excited to see the Window Phone community utilize the photography application to capture and share astonishing images in the coming weeks. For other application developers, this roll out implies one thing: Windows Phone is gaining importance - so important that Instagram, one of the world’s most  popular apps, is now joining the Windows Phone space.
Here’s how advertisers can take advantage of Instagram’s new release:
  1. Increase consumer interaction.

    With Instagram now on Windows Phone, you can engage with more consumers. You can use Instagram to further host “Photo of the Week” contests on Facebook or Twitter, crowdsource beautiful images for upcoming marketing campaigns, and share company or community photos with your followers. This is an optimal approach to humanize your brand and use emotional appeals to help consumers develop positive brand attitudes towards your company. This in turn can further increase positive word-of-mouth, increase brand recognition, and more importantly, convert more prospects into customers and turn more customers into advocates.

  2. Tap into emerging markets.

    With Windows Phone, particularly Nokia, entering developing nations, you can leverage this trend, alongside the release of Instagram on Windows devices, to target consumers in emerging economies. Currently, countries such as Mongolia, Iraq, and Uganda are ranked as world’s fastest-growing countries. Moreover, it’s expected that emerging marketers will have 70% of the global growth in the near future. Hence, it’s vital for Western brands to penetrate these markets urgently. Fortunately for Windows Phone as well as Instagram’s recent release, you now can interact with consumers overseas using these platforms. Whether you want to open stores abroad now, using you can at least use Instagram capture your audience’s mind share and solidify your brand image. Once you decide to expand overseas with brick-and-mortar stores, engaging with consumers abroad and turning them into loyal customers will be easier. 

  3. Display mobile ads.

    Instagram currently has 150 million users worldwide. This figure will likely grow as a result of Instagram’s expansion to the Windows Phone community. For brands, this means that you can further leverage Instagram to target consumers using mobile advertising. That said, Windows Phone maybe more useful at enhancing brand awareness as there isn’t any recent study indicating the strength of Windows Phone ads’ click-through rates. Moreover, this will further help you garget consumers in emerging economies. According to The Washington Post, mobile devices are already trumping desktops and laptops as the primary way for people in developing economies to access online content. This means by showcasing mobile ads on Instagram, you’ll be able to increase your chance of enticing the world’s biggest and crucial consumer market.

By using Instagram as a marketing tool, businesses will be able to increase consumer interaction and gain brand recognition. What’s more, you’ll be able to reach the most lucrative consumer market in the world: emerging economies. By tapping into developing countries and meeting their growing mobile trends with Instagram, you’ll be able to further bring success to your company and transform your businesses into a global iconic brand.