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Google Rolls Out Shopping Campaigns for PLAs Globally

Google announced this morning on its Adwords BlogSpot that Shopping campaigns for PLAs (Product Listing Ads) are now available to all Adwords users. Google first introduced the feature on October 22nd last year, and tested it for over 3 month with a limited group of advertisers, such as RKG, ValuePetSupplies, Farfetch or Beyond Media.

Shopping campaigns for PLAs are described as “a new, retail-centric way to mange and promote your products on Google. It allows you to browse your inventory directly in Adwords, streamlining how you organize, bid and report on your Product Listing Ads”. Google stated the following key benefits when first introducing the campaigns in October:
-    Retail-centric way to manage your products
-    Advanced reporting to measure product performance
-    Competitive data to size your opportunity

Google received positive feedback from the campaigns’ beta testers, as expressed by Todd Bowman, Product Manager at RKG:
"We're very excited about the opportunities that come with Shopping campaigns. It makes life easier for retailers who want to get more granular with their targeting, solving many problems that exist today. Its features help clients manage, exclude and prioritize their products and can help clients continue to see increased ROI on PLAs in the future."

Google also added the ability to bulk edit product groups at scale based on the beta testers’ feedback, and says that “API support and a bid simulator are coming soon”.

The company has released a Shopping campaigns tutorial video series on its Google+ Your Business YouTube channel, the first video embedded below covers the basics of how to create a Shopping campaign:


We encourage you to take a look at the following videos, as well as attending the Shopping campaigns Learn With Google Webinar hosted on March 6:
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Get in touch with us if you would like to learn more about Google Shopping campaigns for Product Listing Ads and see how they can apply to your business, and feel free to share your opinion on Twitter.