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Google Partners is here at last

Google Partner logo
Google yesterday announced the launch of Google Partners, a program dedicated to provide agencies and Web professionals with resources, support, and training. The program will enable agencies and digital marketing professionals to find all of their company’s resources within their accounts, including Google certifications as well as marketing and sales toolkits.
With the release of Google Partners, business professionals will be able to take the AdWords advertising exams for free. (They were previously $50 each). Now, all you have to do is create a Google Partners account and you will have access to the three examinations: Advertising Fundamentals, Advanced Search, and Advanced Display. Moreover, if you have passed the exams before the launch, you will remain certified until the initial expiration dates. In addition, you will continue to gain access to all the resources for each exam. Resources include a comprehensive PDF document that contains various modules to address the different components of Google AdWords.
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