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Google Adwords enhanced campaigns integrates PPC across device types

Google Adwords announced in a blog post today that it is rolling out enhanced PPC campaigns to simplify ad distribution across multiple devices. As people increasingly search the web on devices other than desktop computers, factors like time of day, location, and device type are increasingly important in determining which ads to show, and to whom. The new Adwords will allow advertisers to account for all of these variables within a single campaign and adjust their bid attribution for each. (Related article: Increase your PPC ROI with remarketing).

This update will make multi-device campaign management significantly simpler, making mobile advertising much more accessible for small and medium businesses. By simplifying campaign targeting by device and location and allowing marketers to adjust different ad types by time of day, Google has made it possible for everyday advertisers to focus on mobile traffic and create and display ads accordingly. Enhanced campaigns has been available to select advertisers for a couple of weeks already, but will become widely available over the next few weeks, with full implementation across all campaigns by June of this year.

Read more about enhanced campaigns on Google's Adwords blog.

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