Facebook Rolls Out New Native Ads Feature for Its Audience Network

Facebook Rolls Out New Native Ads Feature for Its Audience Network

Earlier last year, Facebook launched Audience Network, an ad network that lets advertisers show ads on mobile apps through Facebook's ad platform.

One of the top features that Audience Network offers is Native Ads. With Native Ads, you can customize the design, look, feel, size and location (ad unit) of your mobile ads. 

For example, you can customize your ads and show them as banners on mobile apps or as sponsored posts on Facebook Newsfeeds.

(Source: Audience Network | Native Ads)

The Native Ads feature was given a big boost today with the release of three features: new templates, a native ad manager, and horizontal scrolling.

The new native ad templates will let you customize everything from the height, width, title, and button color of the ads. This customization will help ads appear more like regular in-app content.

(Source: TheNextWeb)

The native ad manager will let you request, store, and deliver the most relevant ads at the right time to improve user engagement and ROI.

The horizontal scrolling feature will allow you to show multiple ads in one ad space, where users can scroll horizontally to see all the ads. This new feature will give you more chances to attract your target audiences.

With the improved Audience Network, advertisers now have a more complete digital advertising approach to target consumers. Advertisers can launch Google AdWords search or display campaigns to attract desktop users and use Facebook native ads to attract mobile users. This integrated approach will help advertisers develop a more comprehensive marketing strategy and improve brand exposure, loyalty, and financial ROI. 

If you have suggestions on how advertisers can use Audience Network, let us know in the comments section below or tweet us at @SmarttCanada!

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