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Facebook has Tweaked its Advertising Algorithm in the News Feed

Facebook announced today it’s tweaking its algorithm for advertising in the news feed. With this change, marketers will be able to further show relevant ads to users who may actually want to see them. For instance, if a user often blocks advertisements regarding consumer electronics, Facebook will reduce the frequency of those types of ads shown to the user. This change will subsequently cause marketers to see a variation in the distribution of their ads in the next few weeks.
With this improvement, advertisers will be able to reach prospects that precisely fall under their target markets. Not only will this enhance the user experience as users will no longer see irrelevant ads, but also help improve advertising campaigns’ effectiveness as the ads will only be shown to users who have demonstrated interest in the past that they want to learn about the featured products and services. Moreover, this modification will further give advertisers a bigger bang for their buck as users who have clicks on the advertisements are more likely to consider purchasing products from the brands. By enhancing its advertising algorithm, Facebook has created a solution for one of advertisers’ largest problems.
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