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Enter the Next Era of Digital Advertising with Google Glass

Brands are already developing apps for the recently launched Google Glass, says an article by Ad Age. Tech companies such as Facebook and media entities like CNN have already introduced their own Google Glass app earlier this year. These companies hope their early launches will help them receive media attention about their innovative work. Moreover, they hope to use their apps to gather consumer behavioral data so that they can create better apps in the foreseeable future.
Wearable devices such as Google Glass will further lessen the communication barrier between brands and consumers. Although other digital devices such as smartphones are still effective communication tools, they’re not as frequently used as, say, a pair of glasses. This will make wearable devices a much more desirable communication tool as they will enable brands to promote targeted ads nearly every hour of the day. Therefore, it’s likely that with the introduction of wearable devices, we will soon enter the next era of digital advertising.
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