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Does your website need a renovation?

When your website was first developed it seemed shiny and new, but now you’re starting to wonder if it’s past its prime. Does it just need a little TLC, or does it need a full-on remodel? If any of the following is true of your website, it’s time to renovate.

  1. The décor is dated

    Just like fashion and home décor, trends in web design change over time. You need to stay current or risk looking out-of-touch. Take a look at your site, compare it to your competitors’ sites, and ask yourself if it needs a facelift. Surefire signs include the use of GIF animations, gradient fades, crazy fonts, too many bright colours, and background music, just to name a few.

  2. It’s not up to code

    Best practices in web design code have also changed over time, and what was once the latest thing might now be a problem. Out-of date design elements include the use of frames and tables to lay out your site, Flash animations, a lot of JavaScript, and long intros or load times. Some of these will simply annoy your visitors and cause them to leave, while others will affect your SEO rankings and standing with Google.

  3. You can’t DIY

    Do you have to call your web designer every time you want to update your website? Modern sites are built on Content Management Systems (CMS’) like WordPress and Drupal that make it easy for you to add new content without calling in a professional. If your site isn’t on a CMS, it’s time for a redesign.

  4. It’s not multi-functional

    These days, people don’t just access websites from an 800 x 600 computer monitor. Screen sizes range from a few inches on a smartphone to high-resolution monitors or even big screen TVs, and your site needs to adapt to fit all of them. Modern web development uses responsive design techniques that resize and rearrange your site content automatically so that it looks great and works properly on any device.

  5. It’s fallen into disrepair

    Is your site full of broken elements like missing images, broken links, and missing pages that return 404 errors to your customers? Do your search and navigation functions not work as they should? Run-down site features like these annoy your customers, hurt your SEO, and make your site seem unprofessional. If your website is full of problems like these, it might be time for an overhaul.

If your site doesn’t have any of these issues, it’s probably in pretty good shape. If it does have some of these problems, you risk losing potential customers, SEO value, and credibility, all because of an out-of-date online presence. So think about calling a professional. Your website needs a renovation.