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Digital Revolution for Social Good

Digital tools have been creating radical improvements in the non-profit world. Smart non-profit organizations are using digital tools to boost awareness, engagement, and fundraising. Here are four digital tools you should check out.

  1. Need to fundraise?

    There’s an app for that. Mobile apps are becoming an essential fundraising tool for non-profits. For instance, Charity Miles, an Android and iOS app, enables athletes to remotely earn funds for non-profits. Users worldwide can install the app and receive up to 25 cents for every mile they bike, walk or run. The proceeds will go toward a charity that partners with Charity Miles, which receives funding from other corporations.

  2. Can’t get people to open your email?

    Try the Responsys Interact Suite. The software allowed charity:water to raise over $2 million for their 2012 September Campaign. The suite enabled the non-profit to segment and target donors based on their engagement levels during its email campaign. For instance, new and more engaged subscribers received weekly emails that were different from other groups of subscribers. This assisted charity:water to personalize their message and in turn, increase open rates by 21%.

  3. Want to show your donors the impact of their contribution?

    Use Google Maps., a microloan network that connects borrowers with lenders, has been using Google Maps to show supporters the impact of their contribution. For instance, if you make a microloan, you can go to your lender page and see where your borrowers live. You can also see the amount of microloans still needed worldwide. 

  4. Need to spread the cause?

    Use the Pay It Forward program. The program has helped charity:water encourage people to support water projects. The idea behind the program is similar to a social network where friends are connected in a virtual community. The only difference is that the Pay It Forward program aims to raise funds and educate people about the water crisis in developing countries. So by taking a modern concept such as an online network, the Pay It Forward program has turned it into a marketing and fundraising machine.

Do you know of any other great digital tools? Leave a comment below and let us know.