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Digital marketing interview with BungoBox Canada Franchise Owner

Digital marketing interview with BungoBox Canada Franchise Owner

Tracey Morrison is an owner at BungoBox Canada. Together with her partners, she is changing the way people move by marketing a new environmentally friendly, efficient and cost effective moving box. Her consulting business, Morrison Marketing & Communications, has implemented marketing programs for clients in clean technology and venture capital. During her tenure as VP Marketing for GrowthWorks Capital, she promoted investments in start-ups with innovative products.

Today, Tracey answers questions about the challenges of promoting products/services that require some customer education.

  1. What are the essentials of getting customers to think differently when you’re promoting a new solution to a market with established products?

    Being memorable and improving the lives/experiences of customers.

    That has been the primary focus for us at BungoBox Canada.  For example, our sassy (memorable) brand identifies with the biggest issue customers have with moving - Moving Sucks. Our brand position says it all - BungoBox Makes Moving Suck Less. That’s how we improve the lives/experiences of our customer. 

    Then access to the service has to be easy, fast and efficient. That sounds like a no brainer but online distractions are plentiful – we have to make the ordering process simple and convenient.   
    Content and visual marketing are also a valuable way to educate and demonstrate how your product is a market changer. What do these moving boxes look like – how much room will they take up in my house – how much can I fit into a BungoBox? These are all questions which can be answered with a quick 30-second YouTube video. Then customers know what to expect and how we are improving the moving experience for them.

  2. Would you do anything differently for B2B versus B2C when you promote a new brand?

    We use very different strategies when marketing to our business and consumer markets. Our business client development is very traditional – it’s all about relationships and reliability. They are our repeat customers so consistent and competitive pricing, reliability, and “above and beyond” service are the essentials for these customers.  
    With our residential or B2C clients we focus primarily on digital marketing. They often become our biggest advocates and marketing opportunities. While the same customer may not need our service regularly, their experience is often noted on important social media sites such as Google, Yelp and HomeStars. Reviews are posted, so a great review goes a long way in building our brand and educating others about our moving box service.
  3. How has digital marketing changed your strategy for promoting new brands?

    Digital marketing has allowed us to better target our B2C customers and quickly obtain information about their buying trends and experiences. Research shows that moving box rental is typically a last-minute decision, so having the ability to be top of mind when the purchase decision is being made is far easier with digital marketing than with traditional marketing.
  4. What do you feel are the most underrated skills in a marketing team these days?

    Digital marketing is extremely complicated. Dynamics change regularly and someone who keeps on top of those changes and understands where the value lies in online marketing is very valuable. Also, SEO is integral to any marketing campaign, so an effective SEO strategist is priceless.
  5. What are the biggest changes you’ve seen in marketing teams in recent years compared to ten years ago?

    Where to start! Digital marketing requires a whole new skill set than what traditional marketers used 10 years ago when they relied on print, radio and TV primarily. I think those traditional mediums still play an important role but the focus on digital will continue to grow and dominate the marketing spend. Keeping up with the ever-changing opportunities in digital marketing means you need a nimble, team of fast learners who like a daily challenge.