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Coca Cola shows mobile advertisers how it's done

Coca Cola's Chok! Chok! Chok! ad, released a little over a year ago for Hong Kong audiences, demonstrates that marketers are beginning to realize how to make effective use of mobile ads. The Globe and Mail reports that "Mobile has long proved almost impenetrable for a host of reasons, including the small screen, poor presentation of mobile websites and consumers’ resistance to the invasion of a space seen as more private than a computer." However, "Coca Cola hit upon the idea of rewarding mobile owners with coupons, prizes or free content as a way to make a connection."


Unlike PC or print audiences, mobile users are likely to be in the middle of another activity when they encounter advertisements on their smartphone or tablet. This means they are less willing to tolerate traditional display ads which interrupt their experience, and which are ineffective anyway due to smaller screen sizes and load times. As Coca Cola demonstrates, successful mobile ads must integrate into the user experience by understanding how mobile owners interact with their device and creating incentive for busy audiences to get involved with the brand.

Read the full article from or check out the advertisement on YouTube (Cantonese).