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Canadian Sellers Must Catch Up With International e-Commerce

Canadian retailers who don't offer quality e-commerce shopping are losing out to US businesses with better online options and prices, says a recent report by Forrester Research. The Globe and Mail reports that the study, which surveyed 1,103 Canadian online shoppers, found 25 percent of Canadian online spending already goes to international sellers, and that number is likely to increase. Frustrations with local sellers included higher prices, lack of selection, and shipping policies.

Canadian businesses that haven't embraced online shopping are in for a wake up call, if they haven't had one already. Internet shopping means that companies are no longer competing only with businesses in their geographic area, but with sellers from all over the world. To remain competitive, businesses must have well optimized, user friendly websites to attract shoppers online and informative, easy-to-use ecommerce options on-site. As well as a quality site, they need modern policies including hassle-free shipping and return options, competitive pricing, and supportive customer service. American and international businesses have figured this out, and this report illustrates that Canadian companies need to catch up. They can't rely on national loyalty anymore.

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