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Brands gain social media buzz from Super Bowl blackout

Some companies were quick to capitalize on the social media buzz around the Super Bowl blackout yesterday. Mashable reports that Oreo's quick-thinking "No power? No problem." ad was retweeted almost 15,000 times. Other companies that took advantage of the moment include Tide, Calvin Klein, Jim Beam, and Walgreens.

You don't have to be a big name brand to take advantage of buzz on social media. (However, you need to develop a brand identity of being innovative in order to capture opportunites like the one above.) These free platforms enable any company to connect in real-time and become involved with their customers and community online. That's why it's crucial to develop a social media strategy and integrate it into your overall marketing and business plan. Stick with it and pay attention to what your followers are talking about, and you may find an opportunity the next time something big happens.

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