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Best Content Writing Practices Revealed

While many business owners and marketers understand the importance of creating valuable content, many see their writer’s block as a major obstacle to content creation. Here’s the secret to developing content quickly: use the 5 Ws and 1 H to organize your thoughts and structure. This will help you keep your content focused and concise.
  1. Who

    Know who your readers are, what their pain points are, and how you can make their lives easier. This will help you create content that will further attract prospects and retain clients. To create content that better resonates with your audience, start by creating customer personas. It will give you a better overview of who you are writing to, what personalities they have, and that’s important to them.

  2. What

    Know what problems your content will solve for your readers. Create a list of potential topics or discussion points based on your customer personas. If you need additional insights for your customer personas, try talking to clients, researching online, or conducting primary research through interviews, surveys, or focus groups. You can also use digital techniques such as social network mining, secondary researching, and keyword monitoring.

  3. Why

    Understand why your content is relevant to your audience. This will help you acquire your readers’ full attention with content that deeply resonates with them. To determine if your content is applicable to your readers, go back to the who and what stages and see if your content resolves your readers’ problems.

  4. When

    Know when’s the best time to publish or share your content. This will help your content receive the maximum engagement or readership. To find out when’s the best time to share you content, try researching case studies or articles online.

  5. Where

    Know which platforms are the best for publishing or sharing content. This will help you assess which networks will give you the greatest readership and engagement. For instance, if you want to connect with Chinese consumers, you may want to use the Chinese micro-blog, Weibo. If you want to share a colourful infographic, you may want to use Facebook. 

  6. How

    Know which delivery format best suits your content. This will enable your content to acquire the most engagement and readership. Some examples include stories, lists, visual images (infographics) and case studies.

All and all, the 5 Ws and 1 H will improve your content’s overall structure by focusing on one goal: resolving your readers’ biggest problems. By concentrating on that goal, you’ll be able to overcome your writer’s block as you’ll know exactly what you need to write about. Once you’ve incorporate this goal-oriented mindset as a part of your writing process, creating content will become as easy as second nature.