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Bangladesh gets Uniqlo before Canada

Uniqlo, one of the world’s largest fashion brands, has recently opened two retail stores in Bangladesh. The popular brand has not confirmed to opening stores in Canada in the near future. But sources say that Uniqlo will likely open a store in either Vancouver or Toronto after the brand has established grounds in the U.S.
Canada is a hot destination for many fashion brands such as Banana Republic, Zara and TopShop. Even Nordstrom, the U.S. high-end retailer, plans on opening its first four stores in Canada by 2015. Some major reasons for this migration are our booming dollars, high disposable income and the fact that our retail industry still has room for growth. With some luck, it’s possible that Uniqlo fans in Canada won’t need to drive across the border to buy their favourite fashion brand in the foreseeable future.
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