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B2B marketers recognize the need to go digital

The ideal modern marketer must be a hybrid of content creator, branding expert, and web marketer, according to a new study by Eloqua that was reported by Business Wire. Entitled “Defining the Modern Marketer: From Real to Ideal", the study asked B2B marketers in the US what skills were necessary do well at their jobs. Top ranked skills included the use of marketing technology, analytics, targeting, conversion, and engagement, but when asked about their own performance many marketers ranked themselves below average and reported continued reliance on face-to-face meetings and traditional media.

This study illustrates the disconnect between the new digital reality, which B2B marketers are clearly aware of, and the work that those marketers actually do. With much of commerce now taking place online - from research to purchasing and customer service - traditional marketing and sales models are becoming obsolete. B2B marketers understand this, now they just need to build their skills and work towards becoming the ideal modern marketer that they know they should be.

Visit Business Wire's website for more about the study, or download it in full from Eloqua.