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Adweek Voice: One Screen to Rule Them All

TV viewing declined for the second year in a row, according to Adweek, but not because media viewership has decreased. Instead, consumers are shifting their attention to new technologies, with mobile rapidly becoming many peoples' primary screen. Marketers are struggling to adapt, however, as most current mobile advertising is interruptive to the user experience. Consumers don't want to be jarred from their mobile activities by ads, but prefer a seamless interaction with brands across every platform. The challenge for marketers as consumers shift increasingly away from traditional media is to break down marketing silos and integrate their marketing efforts, with mobile as a primary channel.

Marketers increasingly recognize the need to abandon traditional media silos as the prevalence of mobile and multi-screen viewing expands. Campaigns must begin with a focus on the consumer and how they interact with media, and marketing content needs to align with this behaviour rather than interrupting the experience. Brands can start by ensuring that their website is optimized to fit any screen size using responsive design techniques, so that consumers can access their information from any device. They should then focus on mobile SEO and social media promotion to catch the attention of smartphone and tablet users, and integrate mobile into their traditional channels and into the in-store shopping experience. Finally, they can consider mobile apps, contests, or ads to interact with consumers where they spend their time - which is increasingly on their mobile device.

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