5 Ways to Increase Your Shopping Cart Conversion Rate

5 Ways to Increase Your Shopping Cart Conversion Rate

With the holiday season just a few weeks away, many retailers are promoting their products or services vigorously to consumers. More and more brands are leveraging their online and mobile websites to lure and convert more shoppers. That said, pushing consumers successfully across the sales funnel is easier said than done. There are several factors that can induce shoppers to abandon the shopping cart. Elements such as a dreadful checkout process, illegible print, and inadequate product image or description are all factors that can lead to shoppers leaving a shopping cart. To help marketers increase its eCommerce conversion rate, here are 5 tips you can use:
  1. Increase the size of your checkout button

    Your call-to-actions such as Add to Cart and Start Checkout should be large and clear. According to Inc. Magazine, large and direct call-to-action buttons have shown to decrease shopping-cart abandonment by 33% when the buttons are enlarged and defined. The reason could be that consumers subconsciously like to be directed when they’re shopping. They may enjoy being instructed so that they don’t have to think immensely during their decision-making process. They can instead use their time and energy to immerse in the user-experience, vivid product images, and website layout.

  2. Show icons of your security suppliers

    According to HubSpot, “20% of consumers won’t shop online because they’re afraid. Of those who do shop online, 30% worry while doing so, and 22% only use well-known ecommerce sites.” To ensure your shoppers feel comfortable disclosing their financial and personal information on your site, you have to prove your website is secure by displaying the icons of your security suppliers. You can show icons of companies such as VeriSign, GeoTrust, and Thawte to prove your authenticity and security level. This will also benefit your bottom line as shoppers spend 16% more when they know their personal information is secure.

  3. Reduce the number of clicks and steps during the checkout process

    There’s no better to way to turn off your shopper than forcing them to endure a long, tedious checkout process. Generally, shopping carts today should be no longer than 2 long pages and request no other information such as address and credit number. This simplified process can help shoppers accelerate the shopping process and increase their likelihood of buying an item.

  4. Allow consumers to purchase items without creating an account

    While forcing consumers to create an account in order to make a purchase is useful to garner customer data, it’s terrible for converting sales. By making your shoppers create an account in order to purchase an item, you’re indirectly inducing them to abandon. Similar to a long checkout process, account creation harms the shopping experience and makes the entire shopping process more “bumpy.” If you want your shoppers to create an account, you can ask them politely after the sale while allowing them to make a purchase without an account. This will improve the shopping experience and conversion rates as conversion rates augment by 45% when guest check is available.

  5. Display your return policy

    The return policy is an important facet of the purchasing process. According to Inc. Magazine, 63% of customers examine the return policy before they buy an item. To ensure your consumers can easily find and see your return policy, you should display it prominently. You can display it in large, bold letters next to the continue shopping button or beside the product features section where consumers will likely go over. Regardless where you place your return policy, the key is to display it clearly where your shoppers can access it effortlessly.

67% of all online shoppers and 97% of all mobile shoppers will abandon their shopping carts this year. This ultimately translates into $1.79 trillion lost dollars for online retailers. To help your business avoid such financial catastrophe, you can utilize the 5 tips above. By using the 5 suggestions listed, you can ensure your checkout process is seamless, secure, and user-friendly. This will help push more consumers across the purchasing funnel and allow you to convert more sales during the holiday season.   

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