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5 Marketing Experts at BCAMA Dish on Digital Disruptions

At an event hosted by the BC Chapter of the American Marketing Association (BCAMA) last Thursday, six experienced marketers from six Vancouver marketing agencies gave insightful advice on how brands should adapt to the future of digital marketing. Speakers included Darrell Hadden (Graphically Speaking), John Ounpuu (Blast Radius), Jamie Garratt (Idea Rebel), Dean Elissat (Engine Digital), and John Hossack (Cardinal Path). Here are some interesting perspectives from the presenters:


  1. Beacon technology will integrate offline and online marketing – Jamie Garrett of Idea Rebel

    Beacons are low-cost hardware that transmits messages directly to mobile devices. Retailers can use this technology to show on-sale items when customers enter their stores. Other types of enterprises, educational institutions, and event organizers can also use beacon technology and location-based services to display customized content. 
    This technology may also be disruptive: large eCommerce retailers can leverage beacons to drive offline customers to their websites. Amazon for instance has recently launched a new feature in its mobile app to let users scan a product in-store and buy it from their website for a cheaper price. For example, users can scan a pair of Nike shoes in Footlocker and find the same pair at a cheaper price on Amazon. This gives brands more opportunities to engage with offline customers and drive them to their sites. 
  2. Develop a centralized, focused content strategy -  Darrell Hadden of Graphically Speaking

    With the introduction of the new Google Hummingbird search algorithm, customized web content is more important than ever. The new algorithm enables searchers to use longer, advanced search inquiries; instead of using simple keywords such as “Vancouver digital marketing agency,” searchers can now use specific terms like  “Vancouver digital marketing companies that offer website audits” to find relevant results. This allows companies to leverage content as a useful marketing tool to attract qualified clients who are looking for specific products or services. 
  3. Companies need to invest more in digital marketing - Dean Elissat of Engine Digital

    The continual growth of mobile devices and other online platforms is indicative of a consumer trend to access information, share news, and communicate with each other digitally. To adapt to this trend, companies must see digital media as the central component of their marketing efforts because it’s the most efficient way to deliver messages to target audiences. Brands must invest more in digital programs such as remarketing, content marketing, and social media marketing to engage with consumers online -- where they now spend a tremendous amount of time each month.
  4. Lead with your brand - John Ounpuu of Blast Radius

    Define what your brand is about - whether it’s to help companies build elegant websites or improve their digital marketing. Your brand needs to showcase what your company attempts to achieve day-in and day-out and it must be fueled with purpose! After all, your brand is the driving force that motivates your team to produce the best, most creative product, artwork, or advertisement they possibly can.
  5. Remarketing works - John Hossack of Cardinal Path

    96% of visitors don’t do what you want them to do. This means that most visitors don’t download the eBook you want them to download, buy the item you want them to buy, or share the content you want them to share. According to John, this is the equivalent of going to a gas station and not pumping gas. To resolve this issue, use remarketing. For instance, a travel agency can show an affordable 3-day trip on a travelling blog to prospects who have previously visited their website to spark their purchase intention. 
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